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In Alberta, infection prevention and control in dentistry is governed by specific guidelines. Most of these guidelines are common sense. As a rule, anything a dentist uses in the mouth is sterilized or single-use disposable. You may be interested to know of some of the measures we take to protect both our clients and our staff from disease transmission:

  • Staff vaccinated against HBV and influenza (annual)
  • Ultrasonic instrument cleaning equipment
  • Sterilizers are routinely tested with biologic monitors cultured in an incubator
  • Sterilizers are tested with chemical indicator strips/tape in each load
  • Handpiece (drill) units are flushed
  • Sterile gloves and drapes are used for implant and grafting surgeries

If you ever have any questions about infection control, please don’t hesitate to ask. We are proud of our protocols in this area, and will gladly provide you with a tour and demonstration of our sterilization centre.